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Q: N does the fake IPL player have a day job? Q: I have 2 Questions 1. I understand that you would not be blogging this year So what can we expect from you this year. Is it because as now you have a book of your own which has generated a lots of revenue which the blog cannot and thus you now would want to publish a new book after ipl season 3 to earn more revenue?.

A: Dude, I have a book. But let me tell you, English fiction writing in India is not a lucrative profession by any stretch of imagination. The book is just a creative outlet. A: Tough choice.. But Yuvi tops cos he has at least won us a few matches Kaan Moolo for the same reason Appam Chutiya Tough to decide between Bhookha and Church But I'd probably go with Bhookha cos at least he's not a hypocrite. Q: Do you think Cricket is heading the Football way..

A: Not as much loyalty. But, club will be a more regular feature. Country would be few and far between Its all abt money honey. Q: How do u pay the taxes from ur book if u r really behind the scenes?

Is it really possible to publish a book as anonymous? Q: Hi, are you not afriad of the consequences, just in case if your identity is out one fine morning? A: Not directly as yet Although, there's one dog who craps outside my house everyday Q: I am dying to read your new book on stands A: No. Much before that. But, general dislike turned to raging hatred after Sydney And I think Gilly's mask came off the moment he went up appealing against Dravid.

He says he wasnt sure and asked the umpire. Well, even a blind bat would have known from that distance, and the way he jumped up wasnt a polite appeal Q: How are we going to get realtime commentary on ipl 3 from you? The book will last for 2 hrs only. Q: Appam chutiya did come out with a vengeance against Lanka in Kanpur last year though Q: do you think DC will be there in top 4 this time around as the tournament is played in india?

If you know the inside story of DC, well, a lot of well guarded masks will fall off.

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A: It's an interesting book, hopefully A: I think KKR had the best last yr DC cheerleaders bared the most, but they left nothing much to imagination A: Any team that has an Australian captain can never have my support It;s taken me a lot of effort to support chennai despite Hayden being there. A: I am not too sure. Chetan has 4 successful books to his credit. I dont have even one as yet. He's way ahead. A: Shahrukh I'll shake hands. A: Anyone who saw him leading could see that he doesnt have it in him to be a captain!

I knew this was coming. Q: Your answer that No man A: Better That alone will win them a few matches. He's like a 12th player for the opposition. A: I think this one is going to be one helluva season I think Chennai and Bangalore have a good chance. A: Yes. I think he was unfairly picked on by the idiots in Shiv Sena In fact, all these so-called Senas should be treated like Al Qaeda. Q: Hey!! A: Ya man! I missed it.

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And India got bashed up in that match. I really am out of my mind ;- Isnt the blog proof enough A: Somehow, I dont seem to like any team that has an Australian captain or coach. And the same goes for Gilchrist. His nickname Church, I think, is a bit of a joke.

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I am not aware of any. A: Anyone who's ready to buy me.

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I'd prefer Chennai cos it seems to be the quickest way into the Indian side. Vijay, Badri, Gony, Balaji, Ashwin How can we expect the poor children to concentrate on their studies? A: Don't expect. I flunked class XI for a world cup which India lost btw. I got 17 in Maths which was one day after India vs WI. You just have to pray that your child doesnt suffer too much. A: I am not in the squad or support staff this year. Dont bet on them coming last this time. A 7th or a joint 6th position is more likely. Q: I have ordered your book hope it is as engaging as your blogs. What are your next plans?? Saving Space and Storing: This mounted mop holder is great for saving space.

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Attendees will enjoy a three-course dinner at the lovely Tangata Restaurant at the Bowers Museum, where they will dine with an appraiser at their table, have a personal item verbally appraised, and enjoy hearing behind-the-scenes appraiser stories. Visit the Whatz it Worth website for more details about the events, more information on what to bring, and to purchase tickets.

Click here to meet our appraisers. Visit the Whatz It Worth website for complete details and to purchase tickets:.