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Bering admits that explaining away God in this way is radical and possibly dangerous, but he handles it deftly. His writing is witty, crammed with pop-culture references, and he employs examples and analogies that make his arguments seem like common sense rather than the hard-earned scientific insights they really are.

Man: The Image of God | Answers in Genesis

Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. Indeed, religious beliefs may motivate and exacerbate violence Sela et al. But, the question remains: What are the origins of God? And, why is He so unapologetically violent? In Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression , Hector Garcia implicates our evolved psychology as the culprit facilitating religiously motivated violence.

Providing readers with a refreshingly accurate overview of evolution by natural selection, Garcia highlights the work of prominent evolutionary scientists, including David Buss, Leda Cosmides, Richard Dawkins, William Hamilton, and John Tooby, and incorporates research from primatologists, such as Frans de Waal, Barbara Smuts, and Richard Wrangham, to advance an evolutionary psychological account of religious violence and oppression.

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  • God’s attributes shared with man.
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Underpinned by the principles of sexual selection, in particular, Garcia elegantly demonstrates the broad applicability of an evolutionary psychological perspective for understanding human behavior—drawing on central theories of evolutionary psychology, including sexual strategies theory Buss and Schmitt , kin selection theory Hamilton , and sperm competition theory Parker , to name a few. He reverses the standard creationist dogma purporting that God created man in His image, with the brilliant logic afforded by an evolutionary scientific analysis. Garcia argues that religious beliefs are produced by evolved psychological mechanisms designed to detect status and dominance, particularly among men.

Man is the highest creation of God on earth.

Central to his thesis, he contends that the qualities of dominant alpha males were imported onto the Abrahamic God. Put differently, Garcia claims that God was created in the image of man.

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Garcia makes a powerful case that the dominant God of the Abrahamic religions is the expression of an extreme, all-powerful, mortal human alpha male. Across the animal kingdom, dominant males deploy violence as a means to intimidate subordinates, acquire territory, control female sexuality, and maintain dominance and status within the group Buss and Shackelford In the Abrahamic religions, God serves as the protector of the in-group, regulates female sexuality, justifies and promotes violence toward out-groups, and requires submission to Him that is maintained through dominance and prestige.

Garcia tackles each function of violence separately, meticulously documenting the striking parallels between alpha male psychology in great apes, men, and God. He demonstrates how religious beliefs mesh seamlessly with our existing psychological mechanisms that afford violence and the oppression and control of sexuality.

Why Was Man Created?

Boldly unveiling the male primate puppeteers of God will be a necessary first step. Among his solutions, Garcia advocates that freedom of information, actual separation of church and state, and proper evolutionary education are basic conditions needed for productive steps toward decreasing religiously motivated violence between and within nations. In conclusion, Garcia provides a startling reversal for the origins of the Abrahamic alpha gods—our evolved psychological mechanisms. They are best interpreted by plain reading.

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I know you must recieve numerous messages like this a day, but your ministry is such a blessing. Then I found your ministry, and after reading some of the material I was simply blown away!

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I have even started an email newsletter on the debate, called Genesis vs Darwin GvD thanks to your inspiration. Thank you. I assume that, by referring to the first and second books of Genesis you really mean the first and second chapters.

The First Human (Evolution Documentary) - Timeline

It seems you have adopted the common presupposition that chapters one and two contain different creation stories. They do not. I have written on this matter before, in a web article about a Catholic Bible study guide 1 and in my book, The Six Days of Genesis.

Man: The Image of God

Genesis 2 is not a different account of creation. It is an expansion of, and comment upon, the events of Day Six of creation. When read as a pluperfect, there is no contradiction between the order of creation. God made animals first, then people. Correctly read, Genesis 2 does not contradict the order given in Genesis 1. Even if one accepts the translation of Genesis with a simple past tense, there are ways of interpreting the whole verse that do not contradict the order of creation given in Gen.