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I really enjoyed this one. She needs his help finding a job, he needs her on his arm to keep the matchmakers away. As soon as I finished this I bought another book by this author and read it. Content: clean - mild language but not much, mild innuendo, just kissing - no sex, no crudeness. Aug 18, Rhonda rated it really liked it. It makes you feel for the characters. I wanted to hug them both. It deals with loss, poor and pity. Eloise Vaughn has no one but friends. She is struggling to make ends meet in New York city. She doesn't want a handout she wants a job that she is qualified for.

Ricky Langley has a dark past. He doesn't want his friends to worry about him. He is rich now but so angry and suffering from a loss. Ricky and Eloise meet at their friends Christmas party. Ricky makes a deal with Eloise if she pretends to date him for his other 12 parties He will help her get a job in her field. Eloise will meet a lot of contacts. Ricky and Eloise both start to heal as they think about helping others instead of their pain and mourning. It does a good job of showing them both slowly changing in a positive way.

Eloise really starts falling for Ricky even when she does not know of what is in his tragic past. The setting for this book is New York City in December.

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Ricky's parties are for people with a lot of money. Eloise is struggling but one thing she has is a nice wardrobe that is 5 years old. She takes it and updates her outfit the day of the party and looks good. This is a easy fast clean romance that is enjoyable to read. I was given this ebook from Harlequin and Net Galley.

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Nov 29, Sonya Weiss rated it it was amazing. This is an incredibly sweet story set around the Christmas holidays which is what made me buy the book. I love Christmas stories. I don't want to spoil the plot, so I'll keep it brief.

Ricky is the hero with a tragedy in his past and he meets Eloise, the heroine who's also experienced a deep heartache. They begin a series of fake dates based on mutual need. I felt so sorry for both of them for what they'd been through. My heart went out to Eloise immediately and the author did a fantastic job of This is an incredibly sweet story set around the Christmas holidays which is what made me buy the book.

My heart went out to Eloise immediately and the author did a fantastic job of creating a character that was so easy to root for. Plus, she handled the tragedy of the past without it becoming too heavy which I also appreciated. If you're looking for a quick, sweet read, I highly recommend this book. But what neither anticipated is losing their heart to the other…and finding what has been missing to make themselves whole after loss. What neither anticipated was the entanglement their heart would endure from the very first date.

Both fighting it, trying to keep the deal as platonic as possible, immediately sets the story.

The want keeps the reader engrossed, hoping that they will finally open up to each other. Sep 07, Jessi rated it liked it Shelves: , appealing-characteristic-story , condom-use-good , holiday , part-of-a-series , romance , ebook-from-netgalley. Eloise Vaughn needs a job. Ricky Langley needs a date. Badly He's rich and desperate, she's poor ish and willing to help out. I don't generally like or gravitate toward category romance too short for a real story but this one wasn't bad.

It's a trope that's been used before but with a twist that I hadn't read before.

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Oh my god, the wallowing. And then a slightly sudden change of heart? It's too short a story to do any real growth, Eloise Vaughn needs a job. It's too short a story to do any real growth, and we did see some, but I was sort of shocked how quickly his brain finally got it all together. The ending was a little too over the top. But this was overall a pretty good book. I'm glad to have gotten this book from NetGalley and will keep a look out for Laura Beth's story how slimy was the guy she was dating?

The Twelve dates of Christmas is a story about two lonely people who are brought together through networking for a job. Ricky needs to be seen with a women to appease his friends, Eloise needs to network to meet people so she can find a job. Their relationship starts out as an polite agreement and develops into a real relationship.

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I connected with the characters but I couldn't see Ricky as a book boyfriend. I felt sorry for him instead. Throughout the story Ricky is in denial of his feelings for The Twelve dates of Christmas is a story about two lonely people who are brought together through networking for a job. Throughout the story Ricky is in denial of his feelings for Eloise and Eloise keeps wishing he would admit what they have is more than a professional networking relationship.

I kept reading because I wanted to find out how Ricky would end up telling his secret. The ending was a surprise. Talking with her and hearing of her struggle to find decent job prospects, he sees something of his earlier less successful self and offers to help. He offers to use his business contacts to get her interviews with some of the best companies in the city. In return, Ricky asks Eloise to pose as h 3.

Not long ago, Ricky suffered a tragedy. Since then, he's had to navigate the pity of friends and business associates, many who now want to see him get back in the game but hesitate to bring up the subject.

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He's hoping the presence of Eloise will shift the focus off of him. Eloise is hesitant to agree to the plan, not wanting to be perceived as a charity case Once the "dates" start, each time proves an opportunity for Eloise to show off her secret fashion designer skills. She crafts amazing creations out of secondhand finds that secretly leave Ricky breathless you'll notice the girl loves herself an open back look.

Eloise has her hands full making their coupledom seem realistic during the holidays. Ricky has his reasons for hating the Christmas season. But the more time they spend together -- no surprise, this being a romance she has a way of turning his heart. Ricky is able to get Eloise to divulge her secrets but remains resolutely tight lipped about his own. The more he learns about who Eloise is, the real her, the more he comes to respect her. His resolve to not actually get involved with her emotionally begins to break down. Though Eloise has plenty of fun during her time with Ricky, tensions rise between them as it dawns on her that several dates have passed and Ricky has done virtually nothing to help her job prospects as he promised.

Naturally, there's a calling-out scene where she brings this to his attention. He's defensive about it at first, but eventually acknowledges he's dropped the ball. When he does start to put focus on getting interviews lined up for her as promised, he hits a wall himself.

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He begins to understand her struggle. Ricky also sees how cold and short-tempered he's been with his own staff, dismissing his own unnecessarily harsh behavior as "professionalism". It's a clean romance for the most part -- pages to get to a first kiss, no sex whatsoever. It took a little time for the plot to really get going, most of the fun happening after the tequila shots scene always the way, isn't it LOL. There's a surprising amount of honest self-reflection among these characters, set in realistic situations of struggle, which I appreciated.


Definitely a fun one for the holidays without being overdosed on holiday sap. Dec 06, Marnie rated it liked it Shelves: , hea. Dec 17, Debbie Oxier rated it it was amazing. This was a wonderful Christmas romance.