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A park in the sunset Abandoned since years Just like the town A whole world disappears No one is left to see The storm clouds in the air The leaves of an old tree Whisper to beware The memories descended Into an ocean of spears Locked away from light And left alone in tears Fragments of desire Burn on the path of sorrow Eaten by the fire There is no tomorrow A boy and a girl Forever torn apart A split for the eye But never for the heart The graveyard of desire The spectacle of pleasure Beside the church of fire Burns an infernal treasure The graveyard of desire Sealed the body of time Enchanted by the choir We are the dividing line.

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Nominate as Song of the Day. Amazon: buy The Dividing Line. Spotify: The Dividing Line. The harder and thinner your pencil as well as your paper , the finer will be the resulting line. The negative on brown baking paper will be pasted later as collage on paper.

But that is still not everything. It is not long ago that Chandler started creating her artworks with templates from a protest stencil toolkit bought online and this completes her visual language to depict the global protest movement.

The Dividing Line

Primarily, Chandler became aware of arising protest movements and therefore her new subject, through the history of Leipzig, her second city of residence and a small town in Eastern Germany. In Leipzig was the center of the peaceful revolution, which culminated in the reunification of Germany. In the last five years, protests have increased again. Never before.

It's good! It's great! As Trump himself would put it into words, if it happened to concern another subject, of course! But what really matters: It can be proved in numbers. What trends can we decipher when it comes to modern protests?

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Is there a pattern to the grievances that helps to explain the current spike in protest? Australia, France, Belgium … In January in India up to million people took part at a two-day general strike to protest against their government and poor working conditions … In Germany, too, there were huge protests in recent times for the climate, against factory farming, against coal and for the protection of landscapes such as the Hambach Forrest.

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Young people all over the world need to be really worried, what will their future look like. From the beginning, Chandler always has been interested in people in urban spaces. So, who is drawing the line on what is acceptable or unacceptable? It means, in the least, that line drawing is not exclusive to Christianity. The strong language of denouncement suggests you are now even an enemy. Harris is drawing a line. The irony in all of this is that Christianity is — or ought to be — far more grace-giving and relationally gentle than what supposedly open-minded tolerance actually produces.

We are expected to either be for them or against them.

The Dividing Line – The Journey with Ron Moore

No amount of disagreement can be tolerated. Beyond the meaning of his statements, it was sad to see how strained, unnatural, and peculiar it was for Harris to use deeply profane language.

The whole interview is unspeakably sad. Evangelicalism ought to hold no rage at Josh Harris, only sadness.