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The late singer was famous for being able to tilt 45 degrees, seemingly without anything to hold him up. The three surgeons revealed in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine that Jackson designed a special shoe with a triangular slot in the heel which hooked onto a metallic peg that came up from the stage floor at the right moment.

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The scientists explained that most trained dancers can achieve no more than 25 to 30 degrees of forward tilt. Strain is shifted from the erector spine muscles which support the spinal column to the Achilles tendon.

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  7. The authors said that despite the illusion, Jackson's physical abilities were still very impressive. Watch Live.

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    How Michael Jackson pulled off Smooth Criminal tilt revealed by scientists. You've been hit by You've been hit by A smooth criminal. On July 24th, , American rock band Alien Ant Farm released a cover version of the song which achieved significant success. Online, both the song and the music video have seen extensive meme use, including multiple parodies and references both in memes and in mainstream culture, and memorable lines from the lyrics such as "Annie, are you okay?

    On February 13th, , Twitter user neuveuron tweeted "You've been hit by, you've been struck by truck," with the tweet gaining over 9, retweets and 29, likes original tweet no longer available.

    Participants of the challenge performed various signature Michael Jackson dance moves such as moonwalk and crotch grab and timed knocking on the door with the beat of the song. On March 19th, , Instagram user nitro. On September 5th, , Instagram user retry. In the following days, multiple edits based on the song and featuring a cutout image of Michael Jackson were posted on Instagram, including notable versions by iwillsteamallthedankmemes, [5] cursededits4u [6] and succc.

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