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I also really enjoyed the dynamics between them and the conversations they had in this installment even more than in The Darkest Star, which was a bit surprising for me because second books in a series tend to be the weakest. Also, I was pretty shocked after finishing the book, because it ended in a cliffhanger and in a high note that I needed to know what was going to happen. Overall, this was such a stunning and incredible sequel. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

All thoughts are my own. The images of their shadows on the pavement hit me hard. That was how I felt. I was the shadow and not the person. View all 3 comments. Sep 17, Nadine rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcs. Cue book hangover. When I say immediately, I mean immediately. Whenever Evie and Luc are together, the scene is taken over by their palpable chemistry.

While nothing too X-rated happens, it sure does feel like it. Armentrout puts on a master class in these scenes. Budding writers, pay attention! A big theme throughout The Burning Shadow is identity. The Burning Shadow kicks this well used theme up a notch as Evie struggles to understand and deal with the information she learned in the previous novel. The Burning Shadow is so quotable. Therefore, I will leave my favourite below. Do yourself a favor and pick up this series!

There is only you and me. Jul 31, Alexandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received an e-ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. What happened? How did we go from a mystery about the true enemy back to a conspiracy and tragedy!? I have to admit that despite the slow pacing, the book dropped hints about everything and as Luc, Evie and gang tried to solve everything they realized that the enemy I received an e-ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I have to admit that despite the slow pacing, the book dropped hints about everything and as Luc, Evie and gang tried to solve everything they realized that the enemy is everywhere.

The romance progressed in a hot, swoony way, there was action, wild action with fighting and both winning and losing and Evie was the one who had to discover everything in the hardest way. The ending was also a cliffhanger so I guess can't come fast enough? The Burning Shadow dropped even more bombs.

In The Burning Shadow, Evie continues to struggle with her identity, trying to reconcile who she was with who she is now. And 4. Where was she and what was she doing during that time?

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Adding to her confusion is Luc — the super-hot, super-cocky, and super-powerful Origin that seemingly knows all. We were all dark stars, but Luc was the darkest. I loved this second installment of the Origin series.

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Everything was taken up a notch or ten : more action, more questions, more twists, more romance, more revelations, and more cameos from the characters in the original Lux series. And I ate it up. Evie continued to impress me, with her ability to take in what was happening around her and deal with it because I would probably curl up in a ball and hope for it all to go away , along with her loyalty to her friends and her willingness to stand up for them. In the Lux series he was a total enigma.

The Burning Shadow

A strangely young yet incredibly intelligent and powerful character whose background and motivations were a mystery. Much more is now known about Luc, including a surprising vulnerability that only makes me love him more. Luc rested his forearms on the roof of the car. I'm awesome. Actually, I'm adorable and well-loved by the masses. Evie continued to push for answers about her identity as well as what was done to her and why. Despite getting answers there always seemed to be more questions and more secrets. There were the sparks of an anti-Luxen movement and the government was fanning the flames, which paralleled real-life situations.

One of these days you're going to realize that I've never left and I never will. Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. This does not impact my opinion of the book or the content of this review. I received no compensation and my review is voluntary. Rating: 4. I have to say that if in The Darkest Star, Luc and Evie already stole my heart, and managed to stop him on more than one occasion, in The Burning Shadow they have almost reduced him to ashes.

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With all the twists, surprises and moments of tension, it almost gave me an heart attack. The Darkest Star shows us a darker world than the one we live in the Lux saga, the Luxen invasion has Rating: 4. The Darkest Star shows us a darker world than the one we live in the Lux saga, the Luxen invasion has left us a world full of distrust, feat and tensions.

Evie have to face the discoveries about herself bet there is still much to discover. Tensions between humans and aliens grow. There is a strange disease that is killing people, and there are those who insist on pointing the Luxen as the origin of this epidemic, which is adding more fuel to the fire of discord between aliens and humans.

On the other hand, strange things start happening to Evie and she starts to distrust herself. Strange deaths begin to surround her, danger begins to stalk her closer and closer, and in the meantime, more and more secrets begin to be discovered, until you reach the end The Burning Shadows has a thrilling rhythm, hooks you from start to finish and drives you crazy. JLA is one of my favorite authors, she always manages to surprise me.

Dec 03, CerysAnne marked it as to-read Shelves: cant-wait. Surely I'm not the only one wondering what that could mean I have theories guys.

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A LOT of theories, and if they're right Oh my God I cannot wait for this book to come already! View all 43 comments. Evie is still trying to come to terms with all the revelations about herself. That she's not really Evelyn Dasher at all, but instead Nadia Holliday - a girl who had a life threatening cancer but was saved by a serum containing alien DNA. Evie still has no memories of her past life 4.

Evie still has no memories of her past life as Nadia - or her past with Origin alien Luc. That doesn't help much with her blossoming feelings for him considering Luc loved Nadia and Evie doesn't know if he loves her for who she is now, too. You would think that would be enough for a girl to deal with, but things are never that easy in this world. A strange disease is sweeping the nation and all signs seem to point to the Luxen aliens of being the ones spreading it to humans - causing numerous casualties.

Are the Luxen really the ones responsible for this flu-like virus? And why does it seem like this illness is somehow connected to Evie and her past? You'll have to read and figure out this mystery for yourselves ; If any of you thought the first book of this series was crazy, wait until you get your hands on this story. The stress level of reading this book was basically at most of the time. There was never a dull moment. One thing would happen after another. I felt kinda bad for my babies Luc and Evie - they could never catch a break. It made the story exciting though so I can't really complain.

The mystery of the virus affecting humans kept me reading non-stop because I just wanted answers. I wanted to know what it was, how it was spreading, and what it had to do with our girl Evie. Because as you read you see that there is a connection there. That's a big reason I couldn't put the book down because I just needed to know. And she's so good at making everything connect to each other that when you finally get the answers you think, "how did I not see this before? Though I will admit I did guess like half of what was going on - I thought it was obvious.

Luc and Evie were so great together in this one. I shipped them even harder this time around.

They had so many swoon-worthy moments. They made my heart melt and also made me get a little flushed because Their connection really shined all throughout the book. And Luc stepped up his book boyfriend game, too.