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This is the only way to have impact with your unique creativity. Now you can start to find common ground. Then they start to agree with you. I know you are doing the best you can here. Do this as much as possible. Mirror and then have the confidence to go silent. The more information you have, the better. And the more likely they will negotiate against themselves.

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They still need you. That gives you a better life. Nothing will give you a better death. But if you do it with a sense of mission, a belief in your vision, what happens may not be what you expect. And I do it. Every day, I save at least one life. What you love is always on the shore, waiting for you to arrive, waiting with open arms.

About two years before you are making any money at the new career. Three to four years before you are making a living from it and five to six years before you are killing it. But it requires persistence each day. Sergey Brin used to interview every potential Google employee. Celebrate the small. Not always the big. Nobody will grade us. But we must all transform that suffering into the art and energy that drives us to change.

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Had you been born in a different location, to different parents, and under different circumstances, you would be different. These different factors play the storyteller role and help you form the script you now live by. Entrepreneur and author Derek Sivers equates culture to telling a fish it lives in water. What cultural stories have you been told? The American Nightmare. I live in America. Odds are you do, too. The Industrial Revolution was a time of prosperity in our country. The postwar boom left an excess of work to be done and the need for compliant workers was high. Contrary to popular belief, the school system was created not to educate our youth, but to prepare them to become obedient workers who could work in the factory for hours on end without moving.

Then, with the rise of corporatism, the idea of college being a safety net and guarantee of security rose up the ranks in the storytelling hierarchy. Bills, they bought nice homes, worked at safe and stable jobs for forty years, sent their kids to school to get good grades, and those kids went on to college and became corporate workers.

The story worked out well for a while.

Find Your Purpose + Reinvent Yourself: Q+A with Marshawn Evans Daniels

There was a time when job security was guaranteed. There was a time when having a college degree was a safe bet on your future. Now, however, the economic landscape is different. Times have changed. While in school, they worked hard for their GPAs in the hopes that life would be smooth sailing after they walked across the stage. A decision that cost me tens of thousands of dollars was made for no other reason than it being the norm.

Humans have an amazing ability to rationalize their situation and confirm what they already believe to be true.

How to Find Your Passion and Calling in Life (My story)

Confirmation bias causes us to search only for information that confirms our beliefs and filters out anything that seeks to disconfirm it. Neither of those of those statements is irrefutably true, but saying them feels better than admitting your choice may have been a bad one. Going against the narrative means being uncomfortable or facing embarrassment.

But it also could mean a better future; a future where you get to live the life you want to live. By you, I mean the person you are deep inside who you lost sight of after hearing too many stories. I do, however, challenge you to question them.

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The stories culture tells us impact us, but they pale in comparison to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. I listened to a speech by the motivational speaker, Joel Olstein, and he said something that stuck with me to this day.

Sometimes, even believing we have positive qualities can keep us from taking the action we need to build the type of life we want to live. Growing up, my parents and teachers always complimented me on my intelligence. Being told how smart I was all the time caused the opposite to happen. It was better to be the smart kid with potential than to find out whether the things people said about me were true. Psychologist Carol Dweck tackles this phenomenon in her book Mindset.

The fixed mindset permeates many of our minds. Before I was a productive writer who woke up at 6 a. The latter weaves whatever negative trait you identify into the core of who you are as a person, and it feels more difficult to change something about who you are as a person than it is to change your behavior. So, What Should You Do? To let go of and reframe the stories you tell yourself about yourself and about the world, you can start with identifying them. They hide in the dark. They need to be dragged into the light. Here are some common ones:.


The only way to make income is through a job. It has good reason to keep you believing the world is a scary place. These are stories you learned from other people and through your environment. You might find this process brings a rush of emotions, maybe even some unpleasant ones.

Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future by Dorie Clark

But in the end, knowing these stories gives you the power to change them. How do you change them? By questioning them. Is the economy so bad no one can succeed?