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I literally subscribed to the channel a moment ago to see where the subscription would go to and it hasn't shown up anywhere. I'm unsure how I got here, and I've tried keeping up with all this but somehow I've lost touch with what happened. I've tried every email I can think of and it's not helping. How is it possible that I had a Youtube account without an email address associated with it? I know the answer for you is that it's not possible, but tell me then, how else can I not have access to the account? I've had one phone number since , and this account isn't associated with it.

I have access to all my email accounts and I now know which have channels and which don't, and none of them are this one. At this point, is it possible to simply have this account taken down? Why doesn't the second largest search engine in the world have a help center that can provide branded support? That is not possible, no.

You created the YouTube channel on the first of January At that time every YouTube channel HAD to be created on a Google account of its own, using a unique to that Google account email address. Absolutely not. Every Google account must be uniquely "named" as you'd otherwise be creating a situation whereby your email address username use would cause a conflict.

Like there can only ever be one YouTube channel with the URL yours has, there can only ever be one Google account with that email address as its username. Not after 6th May It has not been possible to create a YouTube "account" since that day. Yes you could have. But your YouTube channel does clearly state that you created it on the first of January , not back in No legacy YouTube "account" is lost unless the owner cannot claim it.

However none of this is relevant to your case as your YouTube channel was created only on first January and was never "legacy". I don't know what you mean with "URL based email" but it is unimportant. The only thing which makes sense is that you have a Google account with an email address you created and knew to use within the past year which you have now forgotten and not yet tried to sign into. There was no "switch" in That could be because you are not yet checking the correct email address OR because you have turned off notifications but the latter is doubtful as must users tend to wish to know when people subscribe to them.

You don't have a YouTube "account". You have a YouTube channel which is a service of a Google account. And a Google account cannot exist without having an email address as its username.

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Then you either didn't set up a recovery phone number unlikely or used a different one. It would have had to have been a mobile phone number and you cannot use the same phone number for more than a certain number of Google accounts. I have over 50 Google accounts and in years when I created more than the permitted numbers of Google accounts I had to use other mobile numbers to overcome this. This is fact. And these fora.

Yes No.

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Reclaim Your Life Force: What You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

To view this member's profile, you need to leave the current Help page. Third I prayed that I would either find the right man to marry, or the desire would be released from me and I would no longer need marriage or partnership. I bought an apartment that is sufficient for my needs, I started using all my vacation days. And though I lost my aunt and second parent god blessed me by saving my tabby cat from a terminal illness. The problem with those of us that are codependent is that we try to have faith in people rather than fAith in god or whatever else you believe in.

The solution is to direct that love to ourselves and if not ourselves at least to god. I so agree with what you have written is that if we try to find and get ourselves through another, instead of our connection to a Higher Power, then we are going to come up empty, and absolutely are highly susceptible to False Selves, aka narcissists.

There really is no point in going over and over about all the characteristic traits of a narcissist and their behaviors, lack of empathy etc. We all know this. The point is to truly realign yourself with where YOU want to be. I had the shift and I recognized that it was I who was preprogrammed before I even met my narcissist. My horrific experience with him actually freed me from years of abuse — before and after him. Simply stated — What you put out there is what you will get back.

10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years ago – Reclaim the Warrior

No matter it seems where I turn, the power that I know he does not have refuses to go away. Thank you for sharing all of your past and future information! You are so right that the power of narcissistic abuse does seem to have a power all of its own — I remember feeling and thinking exactly that myself. I do promise you Dawn that when you really get to the truth of the matter you will see and know how to shift out of feeling powerless….

Thank you, Melanie, for once again giving insight to all of us dealing with the reality of narcissistic abuse. When I find myself being pulled into the insanity of the narcissist, if I can catch myself and remember TO BE rather than TO DO, I am able to retain my calm and courage, and stay focused with what I am feeling, rather than REacting to what the narcissist is doing, wanting or demanding. Being patient and kind with myself is a struggle after so many years of others harping me down, but the rewards are magnificent.

Every day is part of the process of becoming whole with authentic integrity.

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  4. Thank you, sincerely, for all you are. Fabulous that you are understanding the shift into your True Power, and doing the work on yourself to achieve that. It is so true that when we do this, we start living a completely different life experience, far superior to the one we were living, even before the narcissist s appeared in our life! Thank you Melanie. You are so right. I moved out of his house. I have been throught excruciating emotional and physical pain. During this time, he tried every tactic to bring me back.