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If two bids of equal value are placed at the same time, lots will be drawn to decide which bid has priority. If it is established after the winning bid has been accepted that the purchase agreement with the highest bidder is to be rescinded because he or she is not able to pay for the auctioned item, Auctionata shall be entitled at its own discretion to offer the goods to the underbidder in writing at the last price offered by him or her email shall suffice. Auctionata shall be bound by the offer for five days. The offer must be accepted in writing by fax, email, letter or by telephone.

The auctioneer will accept the winning bid if no higher bid has been placed after the highest bid has been announced three times. He or she may be represented by a representative, however, after giving notice in writing email, fax or letter. In the case of placing the winning bid under reserve, the validity of the purchase agreement cf. Clause 7. If the consignor does not approve the sale at hammer price within the aforementioned period, a valid purchase agreement has not been established. In this case, the highest bidder will be notified.

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Deliveries to non-EU countries are subject to additional custom duties and import tax. The goods affected will be labeled accordingly in the auction catalog. Further information about the contribution to the resale royalty right can be found in the List of Fees for Buyers, whereupon the respective current version shall apply. In this case, the amount of VAT will not be separately itemized on the invoice. Thus, no deduction of input tax will be possible.

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If he fails to comply with the foregoing, the purchaser will lose recourse to the rights granted under the Auctionata Guarantee. Legal action may not be initiated over a dispute — nor any related claims asserted — until after the expert arbitrator has issued his opinion or, in the case of legal proceedings in accordance with Section German Civil Code BGB German Civil Code , until after said proceedings have been concluded in a conclusive, non-appealable manner.

Either Party will be entitled to make a written request for the appointment of an expert arbitrator, whereupon the Parties will have 4 weeks to agree on who will serve as arbitrator. V German Federation of Art Experts or by some comparable organization. The expert arbitrator must be a publicly appointed and sworn expert in the field of fine art. The arbitrator must be independent and impartial. The arbitration opinion must be prepared in writing. The Parties will present their arguments in oral hearings before the arbitrator insofar such hearings are ordered by the arbitrator or requested by both Parties.

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In all other respects, the arbitrator will define the arbitration procedures to be followed at his discretion. The findings and decisions of the expert arbitrator will be binding on both Parties. The arbitration opinion must be issued in writing along with supporting reasoning. This supporting reasoning must include the key assumptions upon which the expert based his evaluation. If the expert arbitrator is unable to reach a decision or unable to decide with near certainty as to whether or not a guarantee event has occurred, then the guarantee event will be deemed inexistent.

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Auctionata shall only be liable in cases of intention and gross negligence; the aforementioned shall not apply in the event that express guarantees are assumed figure 11 , or in the event of damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, or in the event of mandatory legal provisions. Liability for compensation of indirect damage, and particularly for lost profit, shall only arise in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of legal representatives, managers or other vicarious agents of Auctionata.

The items shall remain the property of the respective Consignor until they are paid for in full. To protect the consignor, the items will not be shipped until payment has been received in full receipt of payment. The customer must pay the purchase price immediately upon receipt of the invoice in PDF format. Payment on delivery is excluded. The customer may effect payment by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Auctionata shall not charge any fees for this.

The interest shall be calculated per year and charged to the current account. In the event of a delay in acceptance, Auctionata may wholly or partially withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the statutory provisions. When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, Auctionata may offset the amount against any entitlement to compensation.

This may include, in particular, the expenses incurred through default and through the reduction of the proceeds in the event that the item is auctioned again, and the auction fees associated with this. When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, the purchaser must provide his valid bank account details to Auctionata.

Collection is only possible if the items have been paid for in advance. Cash payment upon collection is not possible.

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If the purchaser culpably fails to uphold the appointment, default of acceptance in accordance with figure The delivery period shall be 14 days after receipt of payment in the case of deliveries within the EU, and 21 days for deliveries to countries outside the EU. Delivery periods can be postponed, especially in case of goods which are related to the protection of species and cultural assets, because of official requirements for the ex- and import for example export and import licenses.

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Auctionata shall not be liable for delays based on aforementioned circumstances. It is at the expense of a buyer, if a successful delivery to the buyer is not possible due to import regulations. This means that the buyer has to ensure before the conclusion of a purchase agreement with Auctionata that import regulations do not interfere a successful delivery. Please contact us immediately in such a case. Auctionata shall not, therefore, be held liable for the provision of a free telephone line and a functioning fax and Internet connection.

Auctionata shall assume no liability whatsoever for the permanent availability of the Auctionata website. During these times it is may be that the website of Auctionata is not accessible. Auctionata shall not be liable for loss or damage incurred through the lack of usability or inaccessibility of the website of Auctionata.