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Women were treated as hysterics, 74 their behaviour was said to illustrate the imperfections of the female brain, and naturally, doctors were called on as backup. As a result, activists were interned and the order issued that in the event of hunger strikes, women should be force-fed in the same way as some of the insane had been. The episode illustrates yet again the collusion between psychiatry and the subjection of women. Yet here too the situation turned itself around.


For not only were psychiatrists unhappy about being so openly requisitioned, they were confronted with fresh demonstrations of the gaps in their thinking. For if women were truly a weak and nervously fragile sex, how could they ever have succeeded in organising themselves and even holding the government to ransom? Once more, this particular feature of British history cannot be transposed. Nevertheless, it illustrates a further aspect of the link between feminism and psychiatry, in which medical excesses sometimes played a somewhat paradoxical role, serving as much to construct as to destroy the women's movement.

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Se faire tatouer le mot «force» ou un symbole de la force ?

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Hysteria: the biography.