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Garlow James Russell James W. John M. Emerson Ferrell L. Winner Laurie R. Hauk m. Harrison Norbert Scholl Notker Wolf. Miller Paule M.

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Guezet Paul F. Klauder Jr. Philipp Melanchthon. Mitchell R. If you hate toxic masculinity and support female empowerment, you're in for a treat. Nowadays, everyone is familiar with sexism, particularly the kind that's directed toward females. With that in mind, I enjoyed Heart of Thorns because of its depiction or exploration of misogyny.

Mia, the heroine, was the daughter of the best Gwyrach hunter in the land. Her dislike for the said "demons" turned into irrevocable hatred because one of them killed her beloved mother.

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Eventually, it was revealed that the Gwyrach's power to control flesh and blood was a defense mechanism, a result of male violence. For example, the Gwyrach could direct the flow of blood to "soften" a man's erection. They could also control his mind to prevent further, unwanted advances. I found this phenomenon very interesting even though it showed the hypocrisy of my own sex.

The men in Mia's world resented the Gwyrach's magic when their lust or superiority complex was the reason why it developed in the first place. In other words, they were the real "demons. Recognizing their vulnerability, the men in this book forced all women to wear gloves. Apparently, some Gwyrach could enthrall a man intentionally or inadvertently with a mere touch. And once the enchantment was in place, the victim would be a mindless puppet.

Fortunately, when Mia "bloomed," she refused to use her magic for malicious purposes; doing so would only reinforce her people's bad reputation and strengthen the patriarchy.

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It was nice how she strove to use her powers for good. By exhibiting self-control, Mia could ensure that her relationship with Quin was born of genuine affection. In this regard, she was way better than her mother, who had enthralled Mia's father for years.

Quin was one of the few decent men in the novel, so I would've been angry if Mia had taken advantage of him. Don't get me wrong. Mia wasn't a perfect character. She enjoyed using her intelligence to belittle others and was obsessed with the idea of getting revenge.

I related to her erudite personality, but I rolled my eyes every time she mentioned the scientific names of body parts i. I knew that the author wanted to establish Mia's nerd status and maintain a "cardiovascular theme. Oh well, at least Mia was not as frustrating as Angie, her sister who was an exceptional liar. I should've known that her weak and flirty attitude was just a facade.

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I couldn't believe that she had the nerve to enthrall their father. Indeed, he was in charge of killing the Gwyrach. Still, he kept his wife's deadly secret. Angie's accomplice, whose name I happily forgot, was another vain and horrible Gwyrach. Both women were only likable because they contributed to the plot's spontaneity. In the end, the moral of Heart of Thorns is that men and women are equal in the sense that both of them are flawed creatures.

Each has strengths and weaknesses, so it's pointless to advocate the superiority of one over the other.

Heart of Thorns

If you plan to read this book, I hope that it will also make you reflect on meaningful things. Heart of Thorns was exactly the kind of Fantasy book that I love. And while I found especially the first half of it very slow, there's nothing about it that I actively disliked. This book has incredible world building and for me it's the thing that stands out the most. The writing is sometimes a little bit much but when it comes to describing the world it works perfectly.

I thought it was so easy to imagine the setting and I had really vivid pictures in mind. But even more so, the magic system was fantastic. While the magic itself was nothing new, the idea and concept behind it stands out.

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And this first book was really only the tip of the iceberg. I liked the heroine in the beginning,Then not so much As the story proceeded she started getting on my nerves mo Croin As the story proceeded she started getting on my nerves more and more and again some more And in the end when she fights with Corin in the library I don't won't to go any further because I don't want to spoil this book for anyone I was like But ending is really nice,So I guess I can let her off the hook.

This book has many moments of laughter but the way Lean reacts the whole 'hypothermia'thing in the end was the most hilarious I love how good friends, Crion and Lean are. Dec 18, Hellvis rated it it was amazing. The language is magical, lyrical, and the descriptions are spectacular.

Not just of scenery, but emotions, actions and interactions. It's fresh and vivid, and although I've read other works by the author it all feels very much like it's brand new, and I'm seeing into these strange and wonderful worlds for the very first time all over again. The magic is spine-tingling, and Corin, is, well, as he appears in The Dark Prince, but more so. There were, of course, numerous occasions where I I loved it.