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One of the ancient teachings of Dzogchen tells us that the mental body is about the size of a child of eight to ten years old. Because of the force of conceptual thinking,also known as "the karmic wind,"the mental body is unable to remain still,even for an instant. It is ceaselessly on the move. It can go wherever it wishes unobstructedly,just by thinking. Because the mental body has no physical basis,it can pass through solid barriers such as walls or mountains.

The mental body can see through three-dimensional objects. We can see other bardo beings,but we cannot be seen by other living beings,except those who have the kind of clairvoyance developed through deep experience of meditation. So we can meet and converse for fleeting moments with many other travellers in the bardo world,those who have died before us.

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Because of the presence of the five elements in its makeup,the mental body seems to us to be solid,and we still feel pangs of hunger. The bardo teachings say that the mental body lives off odours and derives nourishment from burnt offerings,but it can only benefit from offerings dedicated specially in its name. In this state mental activity is very rapid: thought come in quick succession,and we can do many things at once. The mind continues to perpetuate set patterns and habits,especially its clinging to experiences,and its belief that they are ultimately real.

The Experiences of the bardo. The situation in this bardo becomes roughly analogous to what we experience now - many varied impressions continually arise in the mind and we cling to them,taking them all to be ultimately real. This hallucinatory state is traditionally said to last for an average duration of forty-nine days the tibetans perform a forty-nine days prayer for the dead person, during which the Tibetan Book of the Dead is read in order to help the deceased and a minimum length of one week before the consciousness takes physical form again as an embryo.

During the first week of the bardo, we have the impression that we are a man or woman, just as in our previous life. We do not realize that we are dead.

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We return home to meet our family and loved ones. We try to talk to them or interact with them but all in vain. In extreme cases the mental body can linger near its possessions or body for weeks or even years. And still it may not dawn on us we are dead.

It is only when we see that we cast no shadow,make no reflection in the mirror,no footprints on the ground,that finally we realize.

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And the sheer shock of recognizing we have died can be enough to make us faint away. However,some can even get stuck in this bardo, to become spirits or ghosts. In the bardo of becoming we relive all the experiences of our past life,reviewing minute details long lost to memory,and revisiting places,the masters say,"where we did no more than spit on the ground.

If our death was peaceful,that peaceful state of mind is repeated;if it was tormented,however,that torment is repeated too.

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And remember that this is with a consciousness seven times more intense than that of life,and that in the fleeting period of bardo of becoming,all the negative karma of previous lives is returning,in a fiercely concentrated and deranging way. Our restless,solitary wandering through the bardo world is as frantic as a nightmare,and just as in a dream,we believe we have a physical body and that we really exist.

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  4. Yet all the experiences of this bardo arise only from our mind,created by our karma and habits returning. We are swept along relentlessly by the wind of karma,unable to hold on to any ground. The Tibetan Book of the Dead says : "At this time,the great tornado of karma,terrifying,unbearable,whirling fiercely,will drive you from behind.

    Tormented by hunger and thirst,we seek refuge here and there. Our mind's perceptions change every moment,projecting us," like out of a catapult,"says tha Tibetan book of the Dead ,into alternate states of sorrow or joy. Into our mind comes the longing of a physical body,and yet we fail to find one, which plunges us into further suffering. The whole landscape and environment is moulded by our karma,just as the bardo world can be peopled by the nightmarish images of our own delusions.

    If our habitual conduct in life was positive,our perception and experience in the bardo will be mixed with bliss and happiness,and if our lives were harmful or hurtful to others,our experiences in the bardo will be ones of pain,grief,and fear. The Power of the mind As our mind is so light,mobile,and vulnerable in the bardo,whatever thoughts arise,good or bad,have tremendous power and influence. However, it was not clear that most the occupants were on the inside during the failure, or maybe that will a number of individuals lived in every house. That is the the majority of finals shows for the reason that period — the Canada Bullets, which start the Western Seminar finals Fri towards visiting Bakersfield, made this finals four times over the last six to eight periods.

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