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The only two rockets that might be up to the task are the Delta IV Heavy and SpaceX Falcon Heavy , but neither can complete the mission as currently designed.


So, the experiment will have to be modified. Instead of one launch, Exploration Mission-1 will use two: one for the Orion capsule, and another for an upper stage rocket to bring the capsule to the moon. Turning one launch into two increases the complexity and makes it more likely that something will go wrong.

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That could pose a big problem once humans start to fly in the Orion capsules in Exploration Mission Either NASA relies on a smaller private rocket, or they push the date of the mission back. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Here's John Deere's Cropdusting Drone.

Orszag: "It's Going To Take Some Time"

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Trump administration blacklisted Huawei in May, meaning that any firm wanting to do business with the company has to obtain a government licence.

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The blacklist had one immediate dramatic effect: Google would no longer be able to license its apps and services to Huawei. Accordingly, Huawei's recently launched Mate 30 phone comes without any Google apps at all, in a major blow to the company's hopes of gaining ground in the Western smartphone market.

Access to Google services is one of the key reasons people buy Android phones. Read more: Huawei's new Mate 30 flagship phone doesn't come with any Google apps, and it's the first big tech casualty of the US-China trade war.

As well as being unable to load its Mate 30 phones with flagship Google services including the Google search app, Gmail and Google Maps, Huawei was also unable to provide Mate 30 users with access to the Google Play Store, which is the primary way Android users download apps on their phones. The Mate 30 instead runs on the open-sourced version of Android. Older Huawei phones are still able to access Google services.

Senior analysts have echoed Tan's admission, too.

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Thomas Husson, vice president and principal analyst at market research firm Forrester, said: "It will take time for Huawei to offer an alternative — not just to develop a smartphone-friendly version of Harmony OS but to foster a competitive ecosystem of brand and developer partners. Describing the delayed development of Harmony as a "direct consequence of the US-Chinese trade war," Husson added that any delays in Harmony being rolled out could deter retailers from selling the Mate Der Artikel wurde versandt.

Huawei says its all-important Android replacement Harmony might not be ready for years. Charlie Wood , Business Insider.

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Huawei is barred from running Google services on its new phones, a key reason people buy Android devices.