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A woman with her own sense of self, sense of beauty, sense of style, ideas, ambitions and opinions can drive a man wild with curiosity and intrigue. This is a big one. A healthy sense of humor is a quality that speaks volumes about a woman. The ability to laugh together is important in any relationship.

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A man wants a lady who appreciates his jokes, providing they are actually funny and not just crude for the sake of shock-value. Although, a woman who can identify with the occasional low-brow-crack is especially sought by some. In turn, a woman who delivers timely, witty humor is magnetic to men who value both intellect and an affinity for having fun.

To read more about the timeless qualities that women possess, click here. Welcome to MeetMindful, the first online dating site to serve the mindful lifestyle. If you are ready to meet other singles who value healthy living, personal development, sustainability, spirituality, yoga, meditation, self-awareness, authentic connections and more, you've come to the right place. When you become a member of MeetMindful, you will get access to like-minded singles, hand-picked local events, plus life-changing conscious dating and love advice from nationally recognized relationship experts.

Because we love you. Sign up for expert wisdom, inspiring articles, and the latest from our blog right to your inbox. MeetMindful is a curated meeting ground for mindful and meaningful connections. Register for free and get started today no card required. Keep in mind, to fully wrap your mind around this stuff I do suggest constant practice. At the end of all this, I expect you to be able to get girls no matter where you go, at any time of the day, and completely independent of things like your money, looks, or whatever. The idea behind Magnetic Attraction is to create a personality and behavioral style that draws women toward you.

There is a big difference between being pursued by women versus being the guy who chases after women. If a guy walks up to a girl with the perfect swagger, perfect demeanor and good style to boot, AND the girl is ready and willing for a man, they will probably hook up. So who are they? Well, forget about the celebrity actors, Pitt, Clooney, etc. Even with no money, no celebrity status, nothing—some guys are constantly being HARASSED by beautiful women until it actually gets old and they have to dodge drama and upset exes on a daily basis. In a random social situation, who do you think—between the two guys —is going to have outstanding success and be very popular among groups of girls?

Well the good news is that Person A may get some superficial success, but Person B will be the reigning champion, due to having the proper mindset handled, which is always the most important variables. Well, the first step involves admitting that you have some of those low quality behaviors. The second step hung me up for a while. You see, outer actions actually create inner values. Which is why becoming Magnetically Attractive requires certain systems and challenges to reinforce these ideas. This one bit of advice is all you need.

Proper attitudes will always be: curiosity, a desire for friends, seeking opportunities of any kind , and seeking to CHEER women up make them smile, make them happy, or make them feel good about themselves. Notice the difference? Then, keep it with you. With Magnetic Attraction I do believe you can go out as kind of a slob and still be popular.

How To "Attract" Women WITHOUT Saying A Word - The C-Zone Effect (2019)

Step one is grooming. This is a no-brainer. This diet will also give you a lot more energy, increase your mood and maybe prevent future cancer. So, big pluses! Really fat dudes on the other hand, have to eat less calories and focus on a LOT of cardio. Get after it. This is self-explanatory, just buy some kind of good cologne or hell even a lot of Axe Bodyspray is better than nothing. So a lot of dating coaches back in the early s came up with the idea of peacocking. We all know about peacock theory; which is that a peacock finds its mate by puffing out big, colorful feathers.

Well this is still a good strategy in the dating world. The idea is to wear accessories and things that give a woman an excuse to talk to you. This will double your interactions with women. To understand peacock theory, I included a pic from some magazine I found. Another trick is to place your back against a flat surface and compress your abdomen to try and eliminate the hole created along the arch of your back.

Are you a nose-picker?

An eye-shifter? A hand rubber? But you need to get this handled before you can move on to the next parts. The key to Magnetic Game is about being able to approach large amounts of people, projecting out your personality, providing great feelings, and then immediately recognizing when women feel attracted and having the tools to capitalize on that. This is about the point that most writers would start talking about the need to begin getting stuff out of women.

This may include getting phone numbers, getting dates, getting hook-ups, or just getting enough approaches under your belt out during nightclub excursions. We want women to voluntarily GIVE them away, without you having to do much effort. Going into this years ago, this advice posed the biggest learning curve of my life. Side note: a friend of mine created a system of conversational hypnosis , the type of which lulled women into a sense of rapture, then lust.

Without this skill, conversational hypnosis will make you look stupid. You see, anxiety is typically the result of trying to achieve a desired outcome, and feeling the pressure of the performance as thus, performance anxiety. The first big point about flirting is that the difference between being very friendly and talking to people, and expressing sexual interest, is tiny.

This is the key to becoming a flawless natural: understanding when there is mutual interest, and then immediately capitalizing on it:. The next thing you need to do is make it a point that the people you interact with on a daily basis are women that you find attractive.

How To Attract Women In 10 Simple Ways

But what you WILL be doing is seeking interactions with the ladies with normal, casual, friendly communication, such as:. A Solid Opener is one that arouses intrigue. Merely make a comment on the occasion at hand or the location. Touch the small of her back and guide her around. Touch her palms and shoulders. Lean back and make her lean in. Better yet, wave her to approach closer.

I get women so deep this way.

How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 2

And as you talk, slow down your rate of speech while glancing sensually at her lips. That flirtation style worked for me since the years of Ateneo High School. Make sure you relax your jaw and shoulder.

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Limit your hand motions. Speak slowly.

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After she asks you a question, pause for a second like James Bond. Then reply. This is very sexy. Getting her to do stuff is very alpha. She will value you more. Tell her to fix your tie. This will give you ammo to discuss what is really important to her. You will glow like a rockstar.

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Losers tend to sell themselves to women by bragging. You sell yourself short and appear needy. Instead, have her qualify herself to you. You strike me as a creative person. Tell me, what do you think makes you different — special. From everyone out there.