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The crosses on the foreshore seem a more deliberate and organised display than this suggests, but who knows someone I hope! While the crosses seem made, at least in part, from found objects the detail in some suggest that a lot of time was spent planning and then executing them.

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Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with information, suggestions and links. This new exhibition is spread throughout thirteen rooms in the new Blavatnik building, the extension that opened in It felt a bit like going to a theme park where you have to queue to get in and once inside you then have to queue for every ride. The one minute experience of moving through a peasouper or a dense cloud is disorientating and wonderful. Visibility is restricted to about a metre and as you walk cautiously through the fog new colours appear and figures become briefly visible.

I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland. Adults stood and waited and waited and waited until it became clear that the children had no intention of leaving the spiral and their parents had no intention of asking them to. Eventually most of the adults wandered off to join yet another queue. It was mesmeric, but ruined by the woman who despite all visitors being told repeatedly that photography was forbidden not only took photographs, but turned on the torch on her phone meaning that everyone got to see how the illusion was created.

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No one wants to know how the magician does his tricks and for the first time in a long time I saw usually polite Londoners take the, rather less than polite, photographer to task. Exhibitions cost a lot to put on and money needs to be made to recoup some of the costs, but increasingly this is at the expense of the experience. Something ought to be done whether that is extending opening hours, extending exhibition running times or reducing the number of tickets available.

I had taken a few days off to get away from my Dark Tourism travels to try to stop thinking about museums, galleries and heritage sites…in that I failed miserably! I learnt a lot and met many interesting people along the way.

List the correct opening days and opening hours on your website. On one occasion I rang the site the day before I wanted to visit and was told that the last tour was at 4. Be friendly and welcoming. On one very recent visit the man at the ticket desk never once looked at me or spoke to me while he took my money and begrudgingly handed me a receipt. Death by Text. Many museums have an enormous number of panels stuffed full of information. No one will ever read all of them. And in rooms full of them many people will read none of them. Keep it short and sweet and direct visitors to books about the topics that the interested visitor can buy instead.

Less is More. Curate them, rotate them.

Stop Chasing ‘Shiny Objects.’ Three Ways to Stay Focused.

Tell interesting stories about the ones that are there. Tell memorable stories.

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  • I want to know about the buildings and the architectural detail can be fascinating, but I also want to know about the people who lived in these buildings. Often I learn nothing about the people associated with these places. Frequently I bring children with me on these trips and the language used is often not appropriate — what 12 year old knows what a machicolation or a mullion is.

    Complex things can be explained using simple language. But it is mostly good news. Most of the trips have been far from miserable, but I have sought out tales of suffering, misery and hardship as told through our museums and heritage sites. However, there are five counties where I currently have no sites to see — Cavan, Longford, Leitrim, Armagh and Kildare and only one site in Clare. If anyone has suggestions for places I might visit please let me know via here, or twitter gillianmobrien or email: g. Today is the th anniversary of the murder of Dr Patrick Cronin.

    He was agitated and desperate for help. A man had been seriously injured and needed immediate attention. The doctor packed his medical case, hopped into a waiting carriage and was never seen alive again. I was busy standing on two of my many soapboxes last week — this time in relation to teaching history in schools and exhibitions in museums.

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    Hope & Shiny Things by Celesta Thiessen

    Alexis Soyer. Soup Pot, Westport House. Like this: Like Loading Wicklow Jail Treadwheel in Wicklow Jail.

    Shiny Things - Samantha Price

    St Oliver Plunkett, Shrine. Shrine for the Bell of St Patrick. The first cross I spotted. A scissors. Room for One Colour.

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    Your Blind Passenger. Meeting one person with autism means you have met one person with autism, but any perspective can lend itself to increased understanding and awareness for people working to support those with autism. Shay, aged 11, has been with us for a few years and has recorded this message:. Showing me t his visually really helps. Please prepare me for changes and new situations in advance. I can cope with change but I really need a heads up. Keep sentences short and simple.

    Give me time to process what you have said. Understand that I may not be able to shift my focus rapidly, from one task to the next. I need more time to do this; either expect me to look or listen to you, I find it difficult to do both at the same time. I may spin or engage in repetitive behaviour because it brings me comfort and a sense of safety. It can help me to feel calm, particularly if I am in a busy or noisy environment.

    Please, please, please do things with me that build my confidence and self-esteem. It can be difficult being reprimanded or corrected all the time. Respect me for who I am — I am doing all that I can to make sense of this complex world that we live in. I am here in your class, this is a huge achievement for me, it takes a lot of energy and effort for me to be here. Shiny Bakery also assists in the development of: - Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, as your child grabs, cracks, sifts, mixes and decorates on-screen items.

    Play along with your child to talk through the in-game experiences involved with reading emotions, problem solving and sharing. Privacy is important to us. Outside of the childproof parental section, our apps: - Do not have in-app purchases or ads. I'm not sure how long this game will hold my son's attention, but for the moment he loves it.

    Great to reinforce counting. I love books getting my imagination going like this - highly entertaining - I recommend it! Adam Collings marked it as to-read Jul 22, Jessica marked it as to-read Aug 25, Becky marked it as to-read Sep 09, Elizabeth marked it as to-read Sep 27, Mary Johnson marked it as to-read Nov 22, AnnaM marked it as to-read Apr 17, Nancy marked it as to-read Mar 03, Mary marked it as to-read Jan 15, Rick Hale added it Jan 15, Frank marked it as to-read Sep 06, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    About Celesta Thiessen. Celesta Thiessen. I live in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada with my husband and two young daughters.

    Hope & Shiny Things

    My husband and I make iOS apps and I write stories. Being a writer is magical - spinning nothing into stories - stories that can light the way to a different world. I've written a lot of different books.

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    • A reader suggested that I list which of my books are for children and which are I live in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada with my husband and two young daughters. A reader suggested that I list which of my books are for children and which are for adults and teens.

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