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Words of healing and even thoughts of healing carry a message of God's presence within to every cell of my being. They are a wake-up call to life and health and well-being for me. I speak words of healing to my heart, my lungs, my joints, my whole body: Through God's presence within me, I am healed!

I live my life believing that I can be healed and expecting that I will be healed. I praise God for the healing that is constantly taking place. Listen to Rev. Molly's talk "Threefold Healing" by clicking here. Unity of The Oaks. Unity Worldwide Ministries. Silent Unity.

These are elements that you have chosen as a soul to experience. These experiences are milestones within your lifetime to reach. Each of these milestones will provide learning for you and for the collective.

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You may perceive this as a pre-destined path, yet all the elements to reach these milestones, all the decisions, choices, the relations, all aspects of experience are truly completely within your choice and free will. Yet these aspects that you have agreed to learn and to grow with will continue to persist in your life, until the learning and the realization is completed.

This may even take more than one lifetime to complete and some learnings may proceed in parallel. Certain [relationships] may continue to return into the same lifetime to provide assistance and support. Choices made outside of the human experiences are still choices. Is it not us that delivers the direction which learnings must be had. It is truly human consciousness in its continuous desire to expand and grow and the soul containers that are serving human consciousness to have this learning and growth experience.

Emmanuel: This energy provided to you is and has never been ours. We are truly like yourselves, vessels of this divine light providing, directing it to you removing the obstacles so that you may receive even more of this light. Once you can understand that you can truly receive without the assistance of any outside parties, you will be the master of your own destiny.

You will understand the aspects of this power and light as it flows into you, into your life and the more you provide this light to those around you the more you will receive. The more you create space within your life, the more it can be filled with this light. Yet it will require practice. It will require attention and presence to be a strong vessel of this light. Question 9: Can you tell us about the different dimensions and how we are going towards a 5th-dimensional existence?

Emmanuel: Planes of existence there are many. Higher planes of existence operate in higher frequencies. Certain planes above yours will carry no more material existence as the learnings have surpassed the need for material environments. The plane that you will reach after this particular plane will be of non material existence.

This plane has served as an important incubation and learning ground for you. The higher planes will serve with different learnings. The higher planes will serve with different connections and assistance. The higher you reach, the easier it will be to receive support from even higher planes like ours.

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And as consciousness grows in the lower planes, the higher planes will as well grow and expand. The higher the frequency of your existence, the closer you will be to the source of all creation. Eventually submerging with the source of all creation in its highest frequency. Losing all form of existence to return to the source that has once served to create all of us.

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For now, human consciousness has still a long way to go to reach the highest planes known to us. Emmanuel: Thank you for your time, your openness and your willingness to receive. To be supported on this journey that you are on. To be assisted through a process that may be complex to comprehend and that is beyond the understanding of the human mind and an important service that will provide you and all of humanity.

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Healing - Sunday, April 28, | Daily Word

Toggle navigation. How to prepare for an event? How to get the most out of a session with the channel? How to integrate after an event? Thank you for receiving this work today and thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Healing Ears and Tongues - Dave's Daily Devo - April 29

Question 1: How do we deal with darkness? Question 4: Where does the soul go after the physical body dies? Question 6: Would you tell us about the unity with the universe? Question 8: How can we use your energy?

Interceding for Healing

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