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These objects are represented by blue cores, and in the Land of the Living, Sissel can animate these objects to perform actions, known as "Ghost Tricks", that open new paths or influence the characters around him.

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For example, moving a tray of donuts will prompt a character to change where he or she is currently seated, as well as giving Sissel access to new areas. Much of the plot is driven by Sissel's ability to possess corpses. When he does this, he can return to the time four minutes before the corpse's death.

Park Eun Bin Witnessed Her Sister's Suicide.. [The Ghost Detective Ep 4]

In these four minutes, Sissel can attempt to use his Ghost Tricks to alter the situation, and ultimately change the future by saving the person's life. He can also communicate with the ghost of whomever he is saving, but only if the ghost is conscious. If the player fails to save the victim in time, he may choose to go back to the beginning of the four minutes, or return to a checkpoint created when the player manages to alter fate a little.

Later in the game, players can switch control to Missile, the ghost of a small dog.

The Ghost Detective(오늘의 탐정)

Missile's spirit has a longer reach than Sissel, and has the ability to swap the position of two objects that are of the same shape. The game starts with a spirit coming to consciousness with no memories of his past except his name, Sissel. He sees a corpse of a man on the ground in a junkyard, and believes he just recently died. Another spirit named Ray tells Sissel about the nature of spirits, including the ability to inhabit objects and manipulate them as "ghost tricks".

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Ray also tells Sissel that he can use ghost tricks to go back four minutes before the death of a person and attempt to save their life. Sissel does so to save the life of Lynne , a young female police detective, from an assassin. Sissel learns Lynne had come to the junkyard to get information from him, and decides to follow her to recover his memories. Ray warns that Sissel's spirit will dissipate at dawn. As the night progresses, Sissel and Lynne work together to save others, as Sissel learns pieces about the past.

Stay on target

Ten years prior, Detectives Jowd and Cabanela had arrested Yomiel, a man believed to be a spy for Sith, a foreign intelligence agency. Yomiel escaped and fled into a nearby park, taking a young Lynne hostage. Jowd gave chase and before he could shoot Yomiel, a meteorite struck nearby and fragments from its impact struck and killed Yomiel. Jowd adopted Lynne into his family, including his wife Alma, daughter Kamila , and pet dog Missile.

Five years prior to the present, Alma was inadvertently killed by a complex contraption that Kamila had built as a surprise for her birthday. Jowd hid the evidence and took responsibility for Alma's death to protect Kamila, going to prison under Cabanela's watch. In the present, Sissel and Lynne discover that Sith has been behind the assassination attempt on Lynne, and is blackmailing the Minister of Justice into pushing for Jowd's execution, having claimed to have kidnapped his daughter, unaware that his subordinates mistakenly kidnapped Kamila instead.

Sissel uses his ghost powers to help Jowd free himself from prison, though Cabanela recaptures him shortly thereafter. Without Sith's coercion, the Minister stays Jowd's execution, and tells Sissel and Lynne his fear that some spirit known as "the manipulator" is behind many of the recent events, including the death of Alma. Cabanela is killed while investigating Sissel's body at the junkyard, but Sissel, with help from Missile now a spirit with his own ghost tricks , undoes his death. Sissel is surprised to see that the manipulator used his corpse, which had yet to show signs of decomposition, to shoot and kill Cabanela while vowing revenge on Jowd and Lynne.

Cabanela reveals that the Sissel's body is that of Yomiel, which had gone missing shortly after he was pronounced dead, likely taken by the manipulator; Sissel is confused by this revelation. The body showed traces of the same radiation in the meteorite, which they suspect is preventing it from decomposing.

Sissel, Missile, Lynne and Jowd follow the manipulator, who is still using Sissel's body to board a submarine belonging to Sith.

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  4. They find Kamila and corner the manipulator before he can kill Lynne, but Sith then turns on Yomiel, extracting the fragments of meteorite still in Sissel's body and sinking the submarine after he escapes. Yomiel reveals he had been working with Sith's organization to bring the meteorite with its unique restorative powers to them, and had been taking steps to eliminate all those that knew about it, including Jowd, Lynne, and Cabanela. See all. Cast - The Ghost Detective.

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