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She then "committed suicide" and the Salvatore brothers ended killing one another after fighting to the death with their swords, because each brother blamed the other for her death later on revealed to be her fake death. When Stefan finally admits that he is deeply, passionately and strongly in love with Elena, he initially keeps his vampire nature a secret from her to protect her from himself, his dangerous brother, Damon and keep her safe.

Due to this secrecy on Stefan's behalf regarding his dark, tortured and mysterious past, this causes some conflict, struggle, tension and distance in their strong mutual bond, along with many other outside forces and obstacles. At the end of The Awakening, Elena eventually discovers the deep, dark and shocking truth about Stefan and his tortured past and the fact that he is in fact, a centuries old vampire who was born during the fifteenth century.

Elena finds out about Stefan's identity as well as his dark past after the school's history school teacher, Mr. Tanner, is murdered brutally at the Halloween Dance. The school as well as the rest of the town of Fells Church begins to start speculating that Stefan is the killer of the town and they start to blame and accuse Stefan for the unusual murders.

However, Elena strongly believes this isn't true at all and she fiercely defends Stefan, believing that he is completely and totally innocent. Elena begins to believe that the real killer of Mr. Tanner is not Stefan, but Stefan's elder, malevolent and dangerous brother Damon, who has been trying to seduce her on the sly and trying to possess her whole entire being in order to hurt Stefan in anger, jealousy and revenge.

Elena deeply and strongly loves Stefan, though, and consistently rejects Damon's repeated advances. If I did not know I was, I would have to have never looked in a mirror or heard a compliment. It's not something I should be proud of—it's just something that was passed down from Mom and Dad. Elena was described to be an angelic classical beauty. She has long, straight hair the blond color of which resembles a soft, pale gold, and its texture is silky and smooth.

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Her eyes are the color of lapis lazuli a deep, dark blue , with flecks of gold in them, and her eyebrows and lashes are a darker blonde compared to her hair. It would seem that Elena's blue eyes also had violet highlights in them, given how her homecoming dress was said to bring out the purple of her eyes. Elena's skin was described by Stefan to be like a magnolia flower, or swans, or alabaster: fair, perfect, and translucent. In fact, her skin is so fair that she does not tan easily, and can get sunburned, and the blue veins of her body are visible to the naked eye. In terms of physique, Elena is taller than the petite and fine-boned Bonnie, but shorter than the stately and graceful Meredith, and is built sleek and slender in a gorgeous way.

Because of their familial relation, Elena has an uncanny resemblance to her older half-sister, Katherine. However, there were still numerous difference in their physical appearances, as noted by Stefan: Katherine's hair is longer than that of Elena's, to the extent where it spills on the floor and trails behind her, and it was a few shades darker to Elena's blonde. Katherine's eyes were also much bluer than Elena's, and her eyebrows and lashes were silvery-white in coloring while Elena's were a darker blonde to her hair. Last but not least, Elena is taller than Katherine.

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Due to her blonde-haired, blue-eyed, angelic beauty, Elena was acknowledged to be one of the loveliest and most desirable females in all Fell's Church. In fact, she was so beautiful that she had a dramatic effect on those who surrounded her most intimately: Caroline, one of her childhood friends, later turned against her out of jealousy and spite.

Bonnie was occasionally plagued with feelings of inferiority due to the comparisons that she could not help but make between Elena's beauty and her own. Stefan, who guarded his heart as best as he could due to his tragic past, fell deeply and irrevocably in love with her. Even Damon, who could be cruel and capacious, and had entertained himself with many beautiful women over the many years that he had lived, ultimately choose her over Katherine. Elena Gilbert is the heroine and the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries book series. Her soulmate and true love is centuries old vampire, Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan's elder, dangerous and malevolent vampire brother who follows him to Fells Church is Damon Salvatore.

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Elena was born July 6th, , in Fells Church, Virginia. Elena starts off the series as being the most beautiful, popular girl at Robert E. Lee High School. Although she is very beautiful and popular, Elena initially comes off as very vain, selfish, headstrong and spoiled. Upon meeting Stefan, Elena feels an immediate, indescribable and intense connection and attraction to him that she cannot describe in words.

She is deeply, passionately, and strongly in love with Stefan, but she also finds herself drawn to his malevolent and dangerous brother, Damon. Elena has endured much pain and tragedy in her young lifetime. Both of her parents died in a fatal car crash when she was younger, and she is raised by her Aunt Judith. Elena is very beautiful, and because of this, is able to have any boy she wants. All the boys in Fell's Church want her, and all the girls in Fells Church want to be like her. Elena has a younger four year old sister named Margaret. At first, Stefan avoids Elena because of her strong resemblance to his ex vampire-girlfriend Katherine and also because of the intense attraction they have for each other.

Damon also becomes interested in Elena because of her physical resemblance to Katherine. Elena is very caring and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her loved ones safe. Elena appears in all the books and is the main protagonist. She is best friends with Bonnie McCullough, a bubbly, charming and perky redhead who is a strong psychic with witch ancestry, and Meredith Sulez, an insightful, intelligent and practical brunette who always gives wise advice. Elena used to be friends with Caroline Forbes, but when school starts again, Caroline becomes Elena's rival.

When Stefan Salvatore enrolls at the school, Elena feels intensely drawn to him and promises to herself that she will have him, "even if it kills them both. However, in the end, Elena is the one who receives Stefan's affections and the two eventually but quickly fall deeply, intensely and strongly in love with each other.

Although Stefan and Elena always find absolute happiness, contentedness and bliss with each other, Elena's relationship with Stefan has been rather tumultuous and chaotic throughout the course of the series. Most of this is due to Stefan's tortured, dark and mysterious past and him keeping his centuries old dark secret of being a vampire from Elena. Aside from both of Stefan and Elena's personal issues and struggles, many different and various obstacles often try to keep Stefan and Elena from being together, one of those obstacles being Stefan's elder dangerous brother, Damon.

Elena has a highly complicated relationship with Damon. Damon has repeatedly tried to make advances at Elena, but she repeatedly rejects Damon's wishes and advances and has remained stoically loyal to her strong and deep love for Stefan. This strongly angers Damon and he often reacts in jealousy and rage as a result.

Personality wise, Elena is described as a very beautiful, popular but ordinary seventeen year old teenage human girl. Elena was born and raised in Fells Church, Virginia. Even though Elena is very beautiful physically, she could still be seen as the girl next door. At the start of the series, Elena was in competition to be the 'Queen' of Robert E.

Lee High School with former friend and newly turned rival, Caroline Forbes.

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Elena is the type of girl that every boy falls for and whom every girl desires to be like. She is cool, confident, sociable, approachable and popular. Elena is highly active socially and she is involved in many extra curricular school activities. She is a top student and generally gets good grades, although she seems to not thrive at doing trigonometry. Elena is on the Senior Welcoming Committee at her high school. She was also voted as Most Popular and was voted as the Homecoming Queen.

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Even though Elena may be beautiful and popular, she is far from perfect. She has many flaws and imperfections within her personality. Elena is outgoing, confident, brave, active, optimistic, determined, ambitious, loyal, protective and strong-willed.

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She is a very good leader and as a result, is good at leading most situations which require solid leadership. As the series progresses, she is willing to put her life at risk and do anything to help the people she loves and cares about. Elena has suffered and endured much loss, grief, pain and tragedy in her very young teenage life. Most of this is due to the loss of her parents, Thomas and Elizabeth, in a tragic and fatal car accident. Elena has openly admitted that she always used boys and treated the opposite sex as if they were prizes and trophies.

She used them them as a way to boost her confidence and self-esteem. None of the boys that she has ever encountered, met, or dated including Matt Honeycutt, her first love since childhood has ever had an enormous, unusual, life-changing or highly influential impact on her the way that Stefan Salvatore has. Elena has had many boyfriends in the past.

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Because of this, she is often perceived to be somewhat promiscuous. Although she had always treated boys' as prizes, she never saw, viewed or treated Matt her childhood best friend and first love that way. She genuinely loves and cares about him, but more like that of a best friend, companion, cousin or a brother. Matt and Elena have an easygoing relationship. He has influenced her in a positive way. Elena breaks up with Matt at the start of the school year; realizing that even though she does loves Matt, there is still something "missing". She still loves and cares about him like a best friend. Matt still looks out for her and he is also incredibly loyal and supportive of her as well.

She was also a best friends with Caroline Forbes since kindergarten, although the two had become intense rivals. Elena has been nicknamed "The Ice Princess" by many, for she sometimes possesses the impression of appearing cold, distant and aloof towards others. This is noted by Tyler Smallwood.

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However, she immediately and dramatically becomes a much warmer, selfless, giving, kinder, open-minded, compassionate and spiritually awakened individual after she meets Stefan. Outside personalities wise, Elena is the polar opposite of Stefan in many ways. Elena is outgoing and sociable, Stefan is shy or quiet. Elena is popular, Stefan is more of a loner though he eventually opens up and makes friends. Elena is more headstrong and aggressive, Stefan is more laid back and passive. Elena is more idealistic and optimistic, Stefan is more cynical and pessimistic. Elena is vain and selfish, Stefan is humble and selfless.

Elena is more cheerful, Stefan is more brooding. Elena is self-confident, Stefan is self-loathing. Although everyone seems to be convinced of Elena's intelligence, her academic performance actually seems somewhat uneven.