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In the s, the burgeoning Merseyside music scene gave rise to scores of prominent bands. Though the Beatles, of course, were the most famous group to emerge from the area in and around Liverpool, other recording artists who achieved international acclaim at the time include Gerry and the Pacemakers "How Do You Do It?

Mersey Beat, published from —, was the newspaper that covered it all. Early on, he commissioned Lennon to write a story explaining how his quartet came to be.

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I sent him one and was thrilled to hear that he enjoyed reading it. He then asked me a number of probing yet empathetic questions about the book and how it came to be.

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All this changed in the summer of , when Seaman was in Bermuda with John, and John started writing and recording the material for Double Fantasy. Still, a number of things surprised me, like how much time and energy John spent writing in his diaries—the diaries were his primary creative activity during his years of seclusion. Though I knew about his interest in numerology, astrology, tarot, etc.

So, if my opinion changed about John, it had to do with how obsessively petty and uncharitable he could be towards Paul. Her lawyers, however, did ask to vet the book.

ETIOPÍA (El Valle del Omo)

My lawyer refused. How accurate did you consider it? The Lives of John Lennon is composed of little nuggets of truth wrapped in layers and layers of bullshit. Every story he tells is grossly exaggerated to paint John and Yoko in the worst possible light.

BH: On reading diaries with such detail in them, did you ever consider John was obsessive about the occult, horoscopes and other borderline psychic studies? Yoko met with or spoke to him daily. John usually met with him several times a week, though for an extended period of time, he had Charlie read daily on gold futures.

Swan, using his real name, writes in detail about Lena in his book, Dakota Days. And every month, John clipped the Patric Walker horoscopes—Libra for himself, Aquarius for Yoko—from Town and Country magazine, pasted them in his diary, and kept track of how accurate they were. He usually found them extremely accurate. BH: John was a voracious reader. Can you remember any of the books which impressed him in the diaries? RR: There were a number of books that John mentioned in his diaries that impressed him for a variety of reasons.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Chapters on Spanish Literature, by James Fitzmaurice-Kelly

Obviously this book had a powerful influence upon him. John hated wearing glasses and became obsessed with a book about improving his vision through eye exercises. He was so impressed by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas , by Hunter Thompson, he considered playing Thompson in a movie version of the book. I also think it was a way for John to express his joy that Yoko had given him Sean and that he finally had a real family. RR: What impressed me most about John was his fanatical discipline when it came to writing in his diary—the way he got it all down, day after day.

We were both sitting in a room in Manhattan, writing in notebooks and smoking weed. Of course, when he was talking about household expenses, his numbers had an extra couple of zeros at the end. And though he had a wife, Cynthia, and a son, Julian, he was not acting like a real husband or father. This is something he felt guilty about for the rest of his life, especially his relationship, or, rather, lack of one, with Julian. In other words, he did his best to be a real father to Sean.

RR: Though Fred Seaman has insisted that Yoko was having an affair with Sam Havadtoy, John did not explicitly state in his diaries that he thought this was the case. BH: Just how difficult was the book to write considering the circumstances? The more I wrote, the more I remembered.

But because it took me 18 years to find a publisher, I was able to spend that time refining the book, adding more to it as information became available. As I explain in the introduction, new information that I recognized from the diaries was constantly appearing in newspapers, magazines, other books, and especially on the Internet.

I assembled all these fragments into a coherent whole, and I had those 18 years to get it right. BH: Did you at any time find that his entries in the diary indicated he was at times involved in a life beset with periods of trivia? John had wide-ranging interests and he read a lot of newspapers, everything from The New York Times to the gossip rags. He also believed that tabloids like The National Enquirer were more credible than the Times, who he thought got everything wrong.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Chapters on Spanish Literature, by James Fitzmaurice-Kelly

BH: Since he was intrigued by dreams and kept a dream diary, did he come to any conclusions about dreaming? It was the possibility that he might be able to see into the future that was behind his interest in tarot and also, in part, yoga. But he was fascinated by the symbols in dreams, their relationship to reality, and what they revealed about his psyche.

He also thought they might provide him with insight into his relationship with Yoko. When he programmed dreams, it was only the first dream he was able to program. After that, he might dream about anything. In one dream a man turned into a wolf, and John saw that as a symbol of his anger. BH: The last five years were generally reclusive. Sean was born around that time and, as I said, John was also determined to be a real father to Sean. Of course, he left the hard parts to Helen Seaman, the governess, while he spent a lot of time in his rooms in the Dakota, Cold Spring Harbor, Palm Beach, and hotel rooms in Japan sleeping, dreaming, smoking weed, watching TV, and writing in his diary.

Then, when the five years passed, he made a conscious decision to return to the world, recapture his muse, and make music again. It was a difficult and painful transition that resulted in Double Fantasy.


BH: Describe some of the difficulties that you personally, as an author, suffered while writing the book, and the length of time which passed between the onset of your writing and the final publication? It was a story that demanded to be told and would not leave me alone. I thought it was absurd that nobody was willing to publish Nowhere Man. There were so many other books about Lennon and the Beatles that were constantly being published and which were flat-out hackwork and cut-and-paste jobs.

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She then asked to read my personal diaries—she wanted to know exactly what Seaman had been doing since she hired him. I gave them to her. Ono also gave my diaries to Playboy. Then in the following issue, the magazine ran a letter to the editor saying that what I had done was worse than what Mark David Chapman had done. Ven, que se apaga la luz. Es la que No hablas de nada. Desfilan por el escenario [y salen]. No tanto, no tanto.

No se hizo para el mundo tal belleza. Esa dama se distingue de las otras como de los cuervos la blanca paloma.

29 mil extranjeros viven el “sueño hondureño”

Ojos, desmentidlo, pues nunca hasta ahora la belleza he visto. Por mi cuna y la honra de mi estirpe, que matarle no puede ser un crimen. Este juego tuyo te puede costar caro, te lo digo yo.