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Trying to navigate both her growing feelings for Gavin and a group of football wives who are less than welcoming when it comes to her possible return, Marlee realizes it's more than just her reputation on the line. I'm ready for more where this came from, Alexa Martin. I'm ready to feel more of the giddy joy I felt while reading this book.

I'm ready for more of that yummy heartache and the fury and the sweet romance. I'm here for all of it and I can't wait for more. Clara Shin likes to make trouble. When she takes one prank too far, she is punished by her father to spend a summer working in his food truck. It seems like a miserable sentence — until Clara realizes her coworker Rose maybe isn't as uptight as she'd previously thought, and this boy who keeps coming by is kind of cute, and maybe a job is something she could actually become invested in.

Promising review: "This is everything I love about contemporary YA, and everything I look for in a summer read.

Prayer: The Art of Believing by Neville Goddard [Full Audiobook]

It's like an adorable love note to LA, food, and families, which ends with the most beautiful messages. Basically, it's one of those feel-good reads that's in no way forced or super cheesy. Naledi Smith is juggling grad school and multiple jobs and has no time or patience for romance — especially the kind described in these emails she keeps getting claiming she's due to marry an African prince.

Psalm 37 – Wisdom Over Worry

A former foster child, Naledi is big on self-sufficiency and low on trust, so she assumes it's all a scam. Except it isn't — and when Prince Thabiso shows up, and his betrothed doesn't recognize him for the royal he is, he decides to keep his identity a secret and get to know her as a regular guy. Promising review: "This book was a lot of fun, sexy, with a compelling story. Definitely dive into this one. Josh and Hazel have known each other since college, and they've always been opposites — Hazel, spontaneous and action-seeking; Josh, responsible and mild-mannered.

After Josh ends his relationship with a cheating girlfriend, he's relieved to find Hazel again and go out for some easy fun, with no plans for a relationship. But then they find each other again, and again, and again. In fact, when I turned that final page, my love-drunk heart wanted to go back to the beginning and experience it all again. In one day, Janie Morris loses her boyfriend, apartment, and job.

This would be bad enough — but then there's Quinn Sullivan, the very attractive man who unnerves Janie more than anyone or anything, and who happens to witness her entire life turn upside down.


Promising review: "It's original and refreshing like a breath of spring air after a long, cold winter. I loved it because of it's excellent characters who weren't like a million others I've read before. I loved that it was sweet and light but NOT fluffy. You don't want to skim over a bit of it because every page is filled with humor, wacky philosophy, and unknown factoids. You don't want to miss a second inside this girl's brain.

Arthur's in New York for only one summer, but he knows the universe has a way of presenting a person with a love story when he least expects it — his love of Broadway shows has taught him this much. Ben, who's just broken up with his boyfriend, is feeling less whimsical when it comes to fate and romance. But when the two bump into each other at the post office, neither can ignore the possibility of happily ever after — or disaster. Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman are true work nemeses — they aren't simply annoyed by each other; they detest each other.

But when they're up for the same promotion, their competitive and passive aggressive games morph into something more like sexual tension. Promising review: "Books like these are exactly why I have stupidly high expectations in men.

by John Milton

In relationships in general. Damn you, fictional characters! Why my soul is bound to books. Mark Lukach's memoir describes the way mental illness has affected his marriage. His wife Giula had her first psychotic break at 27 years old and spent nearly a month in a psych ward; her second and third followed the birth of their son.

Daring to Delight in Leviticus

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward explores the challenges of loving someone with a mental illness while caring for ourselves. Promising review: "This book just gripped me from page one. I could not put it down and I will be passionately recommending it to most everyone I know.

His wife would love him to give up his job. Well, I'll take your word for it then, love. See also free love , -loved , loving , peace-loving , tug-of-love. See fall in love.

See be in love. See make love. See for love or money. See love at first sight. More Synonyms of love. Video: pronunciation of love. You may also like. English Quiz. Synonyms of. French Translation of. Word List. Word of the day:. Hindi Translation of.

Does God Really Give Us the Desires of Our Hearts?

NEW from. Christianity a. God's benevolent attitude towards humankind. Also : my love a beloved person: used esp as an endearment. British informal a term of address , esp but not necessarily for a person regarded as likable. Collins English Dictionary. Word origin.

Tennis a score of zero. Theology a. God's tender regard and concern for all human beings. Cupid , or Eros , as the god of love. Rare Venus. Idioms: fall in love with. All rights reserved.

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Example sentences including love. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…. How do I love thee? All that matters is love and work attributed to Sigmund Freud. Money was scarce but new love has no need of money. Somewhere to go, to be together is all and we were lucky.

We had that.