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Based on popular usage, it is 1. Get the meaning of the name Ziegler. How does this work? The program uses Google's database to analyze common patterns involving that first name. It then determines from popular usage on the web whether the name is more commonly for a male or a female.

Listen to some original jazz music. Visit my home page for other stuff. Sponsors: Vancouver restaurants and Vancouver wedding music. Looking to guess the gender of a Hindu name? Try Sanjay Kattimani's Gender Teller. This website still allows you to guess the gender of a name, and discover whether the name is more commonly a male or female name. Within a few days I started to get bombarded with the words "Jackson Pollock," repeatedly.

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Soon after that I bought my first Jackson Pollock painting. I prefer art that looks good and tells a story. And that's how it started. Believe it or not And by the way. My Mom is just fine. Thank you! It 44" X 46".

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You can see a German iron cross in the bottom left hand side with a thumb hold. Sold by Peggy Guggenheim herself. Peggy wrote the name of the first owner on the back herself. I am the 3rd owner. Made in When he made it, he was pissed at his wife Elaine de Kooning. He states that in his painting. But the thing that got me was what he yelled at her, And said it as an adult. The day he himself became a man I am the second owner of this painting.

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It sat on a gentleman's living room wall by Boston for almost 50 years before I bought it This painting that I own is by Willem de Kooning. Call "Reflection of Desire". It's 31" X 47" made in And he wants her "BAD"! He just had to wait until Pollock died in This is a Jackson Pollock painting that I own that was made in This painting was part of the first paintings he made and sold in under the new contract he had with Peggy Guggenheim.

It's 32" X 25". In this Jackson Pollock painting called "Home". Initially there was no indoor plumbing or heating, but it was Heaven to them In the front is bread for "May this home will always have food". The above clearly shows that Ziegler believes in science as an infallible source of knowledge that gives order and reason to his existence. He also has faith in power and money. In existential terms he is man who is living the typical inauthentic existence of illusion, which is essentially empty of any real meaning.

Ironically, he also thinks of himself as an individual who is unique and different. Like every other man, he regards himself as an individual, though in reality he was only following the conventions and norms of the society and not exploring his own individuality in any and real way; as the narrator states"…he was only a specimen…" Page No. He also prefers to ignore the reality of his existence: "…like other men he regarded himself and his life as the centre of the world. He was far removed from all doubts, and when facts contradicted his opinions…" page no.

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Ziegler does not question but continues in his illusionary and inauthentic existence. Authentic vs. Inauthentic existence The issue of authenticity vs.

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The author place a great deal of emphasis on this dichotomy and it is a central concept in existential philosophy. The narrator stresses the ordinary and mundane, inauthentic existence that Ziegler leads. He was not stupid, but neither was he gifted; he loved money and pleasure, liked to dress well, and was as cowardly as most people…" page no.

He is just like everyone else and is driven by desires and the fear of retribution or punishment. In other words his life is not authentic because it is a conventional copy of those around him. He is not living according to a real or authentic understanding and perception of the world. There are many other examples of inauthentic existence in the story; for example, his concern with appearances.

In the second room he found a glass case in which he was reflected so clearly that he was able to stop for a moment and check up, carefully and to his entire satisfaction, on his coat, trousers, and the knot of his tie. Page no. He is therefore more concerned with appearances than reality. Existential Anxiety Existential anxiety is the tension and fear that occurs when we realize that we live in a false and absurd world and that our beliefs in order and reason are false.

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In the story the author clearly shows the impact of existential anxiety when the conventional figure of Ziegler faces reality. This is to result in premature death, which "…set all his plans and justified hopes at naught. This moment of existential anxiety begins when the protagonist visits the museum.


When he enters he is described in terms of his inauthentic concern for appearance and societal approval. He nonchalantly eats a pellet apparently made by ancient alchemists and this changes his perception of his world and himself.

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It is important to note the symbolic reference here to alchemy and the changes in the main character's perception of life. Alchemy is in essence the art and science of inner transformation. It traditionally deals the transmutation or the change of the inner psyche and spirit of the individual from gross or base matter to perfection.